What you can do this week to improve your CrossFit Open Scores

With the Open less than a week away, it’s time to get serious… just kidding… we’re going to have a blast celebrating a successful year of many PR’s and relationships forged within our communities. But there are some things you can do this week to ensure that you do your best and put up your best scores possible.
1.) Get your ZZZZ’s
Good sleep is one of the most important elements of health maintenance, as well as athletic performance and improvement.
So….Make sleep a priority this week and every week! Start by creating a sleep schedule tonight for the entire week…make sure to write it down and schedule a minimum of 8 hours each night.  Now I get that 8 hours is not always possible… for many of us this seems impossible. If that sounds like your life… plan some rest time during the day. You might be surprised what a 20 min power nap can do. Give it a shot… and get some extra ZZZ’s this week to do your best in this years open.
2.) Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate… (and eliminate alcohol)
Proper hydration is a must to reach your peak performance. The general rule is to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces. I weigh 160 lbs, which means I need to drink at least 80 ounces of water daily (this is assuming no activity).  Add a CrossFit WOD in and you’ll need to add another 16 ounces to that number but ……if you’re like a Monsoon…like a few athletes I know… you might need to increase that number to 32 ounces. The more you sweat due to temperature or genetics the more water you’ll need. It can take roughly 2 weeks to restore hydration so don’t wait… pack a water bottle with you tomorrow and drink up!
3.) Start mobilizing now…
In the latest issue of The Box magazine, D.P.T.s Kelly Starrett and Shante Cofield addressed how lacking full range of motion may be causing you to leave PRs on the table!
“The best example is that person who’s trying to do an overhead squat and they’re just struggling to squat down,” Cofield explains. “That’s energy that’s being used to fight against their own body. When people gain mobility and they have this freedom of motion and they can just get into the squat, they suddenly have this whole reserve of energy to direct into performing the lift as opposed to bleeding energy just trying to get into the position.”
Instead of fighting against yourself and wasting energy every single rep during the open WOD….   spend time every day this week mobilizing your trouble spots. Pick 3 movements each day which equates to less than 15 min/day.
If you’re not sure what you should be doing, get to mobility class at EffectUs Athletics on Saturday mornings with Michael Simon, DPT for a little guidance. Not an EffectUs Athletics member…. contact Crossover PT to have Mike come out to your box for a session.
4.) Don’t hate on Carbs. 
Are you a CrossFit athlete looking for the extra edge?
The answer may be as simple as adding more carbohydrates into your diet. For athletes with major performance goals this could be your golden ticket to crushing this years open.
For cleaner versions a good place to start is with sweet potatoes, ripe bananas, oats, carrots, zucchini, and peppers… but one of my favorites is good ol’ white rice.
White rice is an easily digestible starchy carbohydrate that can be great for athletes looking to replace glycogen stores post-workout….plus it does not pose the risk of anti-nutrients which can cause intestinal inflammation and slow down recovery.
So here’s your takeaway….White rice is a risk-free carbohydrate that can help to balance out the insulin and cortisol relationship by boosting glycogen stores without causing allergies, bloating, stomach distress, or other side effects of gluten, wheat, or other carb sources.
Good luck and follow these tips to have your best CrossFit open yet!
– Jackie