Head spinning, dizziness, & loss of balance… it might be vertigo.

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With vertigo, you don’t show any auditory symptoms of this condition, which means that you won’t get a warning like ringing in your ears when it sets in.

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Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or BPPV is the single most common cause of vertigo in adults and children alike.  If you have BPPV, it was likely caused by head trauma, inner ear infections, or other conditions.  This affects tens of thousands of people all over the world.  You don’t show any auditory symptoms of this condition, which means that you won’t get a warning like ringing in your ears when it sets in.  BPPV is almost always caused by damage to your inner ear (also called peripheral vertigo because it affects your peripherals). This damage to the inner ear causes otoliths or ear rocks to be displaced.  These ear rocks press on nerves that make it feel like you are spinning while you are staying still.

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What does it feel like?

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BPPV occurs most commonly following position changing, such as lying down, turning over in bed, bending over, and looking up.  A short delay, often less than 15 seconds, may follow a position change before symptoms start. This dizzy sensation, called vertigo, is brief and intense and usually lasts for about 15-45 seconds.  However, symptoms may last for up to 2 minutes if the crystals become stuck to part of the inner ear.  The episodes of vertigo occur frequently for weeks or months at a time. During these episodes, you may feel like the room is spinning around you, and you also may feel lightheaded, off-balance, and nauseous.

How long does it last?

The typical attack of BPPV can last for a few seconds to a minute. These spells are severe and debilitating.  But conservative treatment can be very successful for this type of vertigo.

Success Stories Treating Vertigo at Crossover Physical Therapy.

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I have been getting treatment for my shoulder for the past few weeks but two Fridays ago I had let Dr. Mike know that I was feeling dizzy that morning and the morning before. He ran some tests on me and diagnosed me with Vertigo. He started treatments right away that day and I am feeling much better. I am still having minor systems but I am confident in the treatment I am receiving from Dr.Mike and the daily exercises he has given me.”

– Eric B. Senior Loan Officer at Bell Bank Mortgage

Improve your balance with this exercise!

Single-Leg Hold to Swing

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  1. Start by engaging core and glutes then lift one leg up in front of you.
  2. If you are able to maintain balance for 10 seconds then start swinging your leg forward and back while keeping your leg bent to 90 degrees at the knee.
  3. Perform this for one minute with eyes open on each side.
  4. If you are able to keep your balance for the whole minute. Repeat with your eyes closed.
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Why should you do this?

  1. Improving your balance has shown a lot of promise in being able to prevent injuries for a wide range of people.
  2. When you work on your balance, you’re concurrently firing a multitude of muscles. Challenging your muscles to work together to improve your coordination and neuromuscular control. 
  3. Performance enhancement through improved agility and coordination of muscles firing simultaneously. 

In addition to vertigo screening and treatment, Crossover Physical Therapy provides therapy for:

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  • And more!

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