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Running Analysis

What’s Included:

Crossover Physical Therapy uses a multidimensional approach to manage and prevent running injuries. Our running assessments cover a range of evaluations that leave you with a plan to conquer your running season. This includes:

  • Running history: old and current injuries are reviewed in order to gain an understanding of their influence on your movement patterns.
  • Biomechanical assessment: A gait analysis is used to assess how your anatomical structure, joint mobility, and muscle length and/or imbalances may impact your stride, disposition for injuries, and performance.
  • Shoe/Foot structure analysis: Anatomical structure of each foot is assessed along with used running shoes to evaluate running patterns and shoe efficacy.
  • Running video analysis: A thorough video is taken with frame by frame assessment followed by a one on one breakdown with a doctor of physical therapy focusing on foot strike, knee angle, stride length, leg backswing, shoulder position, arm swing, and posture to identify inefficiencies, potential risks,
  • Running Program: Prescribed corrective exercises, warm ups and cool downs that are specific to your needs to keep you healthy this running season.


Initial Evaluation: $130
Includes video of running analysis, corrective exercises, warm up and cool down tailored to your individual needs.

Follow Up Visits: $60
Review initial assessment findings, Review and adjust initial home program, Further education/corrective exercises as needed.

Prevent injuries and manage your current conditions to stay healthy throughout your running season with a personalized home exercise program based on assessment findings. Program includes:

  • Performance enhancement recommendations for your specific goals
  • Gait retraining strategies based on your analysis
  • Injury identification and prevention tips
  • Corrective exercises and training advice

Increase stride efficiency, reduce the burden on your joints, eliminate recurring pain and improve your performance.

Our performance running specialists will analyze your biomechanics, shoes and provide a comprehensive physical exam followed by designing an individualized program to meet your specific goals and needs.