5 Signs of Lumbar Disc Herniation

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Top 5 Symptoms of Lumbar Disc Herniation

  1. Numbness, tingling burning that radiates into buttock, leg or both.physical therapy for sciatica, shoulder physical therapy near me, therapy for shoulder pain, knee physical therapy near me, torn meniscus therapy, sports physical therapy, sports physical therapy near me, physical therapy in my area, physical therapy near me now
  2. Pain, tingling or numbness is usually one-sided; left or right.
  3. Straightening the leg on the affected side while sitting with toes up and looking down usually makes pain worst.
  4. Pain is usually described as sharp or like an electric shock.
  5. A shift with standing posture or Pain/Trouble with standing after sitting for a long period of time.
  6. When someone tells you that they have a slipped disk in their back it is not that the disk itself has “slipped” out of place.  It usually refers to the fact that they have recently aggravated or re-aggravated a new or old back injury.

The “disk,” or intervertebral disk lies in between the vertebrae, body segments, in the spine.  You can think of the disk as the shock absorbers of the spine in the low back.  The disk is actually a pretty tough part of your body that can stand a lot of stress.  But, just like anything else, if a disk is exposed to prolonged periods of stress it will poorly adapt and can lead to “bulging” or even worse disk herniation.

Bulging Disk

When a disk is injured with a bulge or herniation it is usually attributed to a specific incident that happened but the single incident is not the only reason why it happened.  It is not realistic to provide a solution for a bulging disk in a blog, but there are solutions.  If you are suffering from the 5 symptoms above, contact Dr. Mike today for a hassle-free consultation today.

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Herniated Disk

rotator cuff therapy, Chiropractor, local chiropractor, find a chiropractor near me, chiropractic adjustment near me, female chiropractor near me, chiropractor for back pain, chiropractors in my areaWhen a bulging disk progresses or if the amount of stress is enough what can happen is that the jelly with push out a rupture in the bread like a barrier and take up space close to where the nerve travel to relay information to and from the leg.   If the herniation is significant enough or is at the right angle it can push on one of these nerves and cause one or more of these symptoms, pain in the back that can shoot down the leg past the knee, changes in sensation in the leg, changes in strength in the leg.  Having a herniation in the disk will not always present with such severe symptoms a lot of times it will mimic a symptomatic bulging disk.  It is just more of a concern when weakness in the leg is a present symptom and should be evaluated by a Physical Therapist to see if you have a true neurological weakness.

These two types of disc injuries/involvements are not the only two conditions that can affect the low back but Crossover Physical Therapy has a proven method to help patients manage and heal from acute and low back pain.

At Crossover Physical Therapy in St. Michael, we target underlying dysfunction first with targeting soft tissue, joint mobilizations/manipulations, drysports rehabilitation St. Michael, sports injury therapy St. Michael, sports injury therapist near me St. Michael, physical therapy exercises for low back pain during pregnancy St. Michael, postpartum physical therapy St. Michael needling, electrical stimulation, and neuro-muscular re-education (essentially teaching good movement patterns), and reinforcing with corrective and functional exercises to solidify results.  Initial PT sessions focus on re-establishing movement whether it is at the joint level or overall motor control so repetitive stresses are eliminated and pain and strength can be addressed quickly.  Later appointments are focused on getting the patient back to their previous levels of work/exercises or possibly into a fitness program to help accelerate strength goals.

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